We all like silky touch on our body, especially during hot summers - it gives us fresh breeze all over, the constant feeling of being cooled off. For all its good qualities, silk is highly fragile and vulnerable. It has the finest fibers, which need a very good care.

How can we prolong the silk life, keep our garments in new state?


1. Silk doesn't like washing. It's better to hang it outside (but not in the direct sunlight).


2. If you really need to wash silk, use hand wash. Even the most delicate machine wash program can damage the silk fibers and ruin the form of the garment.


3. Use mild detergents, something for delicate materials, soap, baby shampoo, etc. No agressive bleach means, or the like.


4. The washing water should not be higher than 40 degrees, use cold water to rinse off your silk garment.


5. You can add some vinegar to brighten up the colours. If there is a stain, here is the recipe that can help you:

2 aspirin pills + 100 ml of water

Put this mixture on the stain and let it soak. Rinse off afterwards.


6. While washing your silk garment use  light touch, don't squeeze or tumble too hard, it can damage the fibers.


7. Drying process - don't squeeze out your garment, let the water drip off a bit and put it horizontally to dry (better on a towel, or any other cotton surface).


8. Ironing: turn the silk garment inside out and iron it using a 'silk ironing' program.


If you follow these easy steps, your silk garments will stay impeccable and will give you pleasant moments in summer!