Laundry day


Laundry day and a timeless question: to get rid of 'vintage' smell, how to preserve and brighten the colours?


Here is some advice:


1. Household ammonia.

The recipe: dilute 2/3 cup of ammonia in a necessary amount of water. Let sit your clothes for 30 min and then rinse with water and let it dry.


However, don't use this method on wool and silk, as ammonia can eat through these delicate fabrics.


2. Flavoured salts

The recipe: 300 gr of salts diluted in 0,5 l water. Put the mix on the piece and let it soak for 30 min. Rinse with water.

Alternative: 500 gr of salts diluted in 10 l water, let the clothes sit in the mix and rinse them afterwards.


3. Vinegar

The recipe: 2 t.sp. of table salt + 100 ml vinegar + water.

Dilute and let your clothes sit in it for a couple of hours. Rinse with water and let it dry.


4. Baking soda

You can add baking soda in your laundry, as it helps to get rid of the smell and preserves the colours.


Overall, you can add essential oils with the laundry products,  to make your clothes smell like heaven :)