With time, natural furs tend to loose its shine and elasticity. If you have bought a vintage furcoat, or if you have one, hanging in the closet, how can you refresh the old fur and make it bright and shiny again?

Here are some home recipes:


1. How to return freshness and shine to an old natural furcoat:

you can use this solution:

         water + vinegar (or lemon juice), in 1:1 proportion

Put this solution on a sponge and carefully wipe the fur. Afterwards, hang it to dry.

You can also use baby shampoo or a detergent for delicate materials like wool or silk. Dilute a small bit in water, make a sponge wet, and wipe the fur with it. Hang to dry afterwards.


2. What if your natural furcoat feels and looks dusty:

put your furcoat on a slightly wet bedsheet, wrap it in the bedsheet and clap slightly on all sides. Put it to dry afterwards.


3. Naturalfurcoats tend to have fatty stains with time, you can use this recipe to get rid of these stains:

   0.5 ml water + 3 tea spoons of salt + 1 l of alcohol (ether)

Put this solution on a sponge and wipe the stain on the furcoat.


4. How to get rid of the old smell:

- freeze your furcoat:)

Fold your furcoat (with the fur inside), put in a tight plastic bag and leave for 1-2 days in the freezer. Keep in mind, that the freezer should be empty of other food. Take your furcoat out after 1-2 days and hang it to dry.

- vinegar diluted in water can also help. Wipe the furcoat with a sponge and leave it to dry.

- coffee (for dark furs only). Put some grinded coffee on the furcoat, mostly on the collar or cuffs. Fold the furcoat (with the fur inside), put it in a tight plastic bag and leave for 24 hours. Afterwards, take your fur coat out and hang it to dry.



1. Don't wash your natural furcoat.

If you wash it, the inside lining will be damaged and can crack, it will lead to deformation of a furcoat and dropping out of furs.


2. Don't iron you furcoat.


3. If you dry your furcoat, hang it in an open, air draughted space, far from the direct sunlights. Avoid hanging it near heat sources as radiators, heaters, etc


4. Don't bleach your natural furs or use chlorine.


5. Don't perfume the fur, as the smell can stay forever.

On the whole, try to keep your natural furs in dry, well ventilated places.  Try to hang it outside from time to time, to let the fur breathe.

For white furs use a blue case, so that the whiteness of the fur doesn't turn yellow with time.